Calling all teaching assistants

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to put a post out to find out the stories of other teaching assistants. I am one myself and have been for over two years. I am very curious to find out reasons why TA’s haven’t gone straight into teaching or, if they have decided not to teach at all- why not?

I was once set on becoming a class teacher but this changed after being a becoming a teaching assistant to gain some experience.

I have seen many young children struggle with what is expected by the teachers. But I have also seen teachers struggle with what is expected of them by the government/learning trusts.

After working in two schools I have been able to work alongside of some wonderful teacher’s who I have learn a lot from. However, I have also been able to see how much teaching consumes their lives in ways that are not healthy. Things such as, too much work to get through, too much marking, too many children to keep track of etc. Not enough chances to put their own views and thoughts into what they want their class to learn because of the amount there is on the curriculum.

I also feel that I cannot teach the current curriculum, despite it being jam packed – there are so many things missing from it. Self love is something I really learnt about when  I left university. It’s something that I encourage greatly and believe needs to be taught all the way through school. I think it would prevent a lot of negative things happening such as: bullying, self doubt, insecurity, mental health problems etc.

There are so many children who are not ready for what they being taught because of their own specific needs. I have and do work in situations where there are children that need close care yet do not receive it.

Does anybody relate to this?

Please leave a comment or send a message if you care to share your story/view/opinion with me.

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3 thoughts on “Calling all teaching assistants

  1. I wanted to become a teacher, did all the classes, after my first observation, I realized that I would barely have time for myself and family. It takes a lot out of teachers to do their work. So I put that on hold for right now. They are underpaid for the tremendous amount of work they do.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree it’s a job that is a lifestyle and family. Yes they are. If they hired more staff to ease the work load it might be better. I think we should have smaller classes as well so the teacher can be more involved with the pupils!

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