book productivity

The past week has been super! I’ve been keeping up with all my new year intentions and found some more along the way 🙂

I kept up with the online writing challenge and managed to get up to over 20,000 words for my book!! I really recommend joining one if you want to get into a writing habit. I am happy to give pointers if anyone is interested 🙂

I was so deep in the writing habit that one day I was in my boyfriends car and heard something on the radio about young people and mental health so I grabbed my phone and was writing away in my notes section. The inspiration to write has been around every day, so thank you universe.

However, instead of writing anymore I am now in the process of editing and separating it into chapters. Once this is done I can continue to write lots more! I just don’t want to get overwhelmed with the words because my book covers so many subjects about ‘life’ and I have lots and lots to say haha.

My best friend came over the other night and helped me edit and organise and we got nearly half way so that was fab.

I have also had a blog post published on ‘Dyslexia Deb’s’ page and shall post a link to that soon.

Thanks for reading,

Peace and love526



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