Editing struggles, Harry Potter and Pippin

Hello lovely people,

I am still in the process of editing my book…and I can truly say ‘editing’ is not my strong point. I find it quite difficult because I have got 1000’s of words but cannot decide what order they should be in. I have tried putting titles over sections of writing and then highlighting them in colour…but I don’t have set order.

When I was at university I was fortunate enough to have a mentor to help me out with proof-reading, planning, organising, editing etc, I miss it! Thankfully my friend is going to help me out again this weekend so she can act as my much-needed mentor.

I will have another go myself over the next couple of days and also do some more research on the things I want to write more about.

I have achieved something that I am very proud of….I have been reading lots of Harry Potter and finished book 6 at 3.00 a.m this morning. They are the only ‘book series’ I have stuck with and I truly love them! With having Dyslexia, I usually find sticking to a book very difficult, but thanks to JK Rowling I am managing to read every day and I am loving it. I am out of the habit of scrolling on my phone before bed and I naturally pick up my book instead 🙂

Also…meet Pippin! He’s 9 weeks old and absolutely adorable!20170126_151454

Thanks for reading 🙂 Peace xxx


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